MINOT, N.D. (KX News) — A Glenburn business owner is embracing the season of giving and has gathered donations to bless a complete stranger — an expectant mother who says she is feeling so thankful after this surprise.

Natasha Stevens owns Tula’s Boutique.

“I started Tula’s Boutique about six years ago and my mission is to make women feel beautiful in their own skin with fashionable, but yet affordable clothing,” Stevens said.

She saw another boutique owner doing the “Bless a Stranger” campaign, so she decided to do her own.

She posted about it frequently in her Facebook group and people had nearly a month to donate.

“They were able to Venmo me or PayPal me. Just any contribution I had from $1 to $100,” Stevens said.

Stevens said she prayed about finding the right person to bless.

“We just walked by the baby aisle and there was a mom and/or a mother-in-law and a young gal who was obviously pregnant and they just really reminded me of me and my mom, back when I was first pregnant with my oldest,” she said.

Lillian Dagastino was shopping for last-minute baby supplies last weekend for her baby girl with her mother-in-law when she was approached by Stevens.

“At first I was like ‘Do I know this lady? Like, I don’t really know you.’ But then after she explained to me who she was I was just like OK,” Dagastino said with a laugh.

Then, she was handed an envelope with $740.

“I just kinda stood there like ‘Are you serious? Is this really happening?’ And then once it hit me, I started crying because I was just overwhelmed with joy. And I was definitely blessed,” Dagastino said.

Dagastino said her husband was also in disbelief when he found out what happened.

“He was like this isn’t real, this didn’t happen to you. And I was like yes it did. I showed him the video and he was definitely blessed as well,” she said.

Stevens says she was happy to help relieve the expectant mother.

“They were obviously buying baby things that day and baby things can be expensive,” Stevens said.

Dagastino says she is so thankful for Stevens and the money will be spent well.

“We purchased some clothes with it and then with some of the money we put into savings for when she gets older or if we need more diapers or anything it’s there just in case,” she said.

Both Stevens and Dagastino say they hope to stay in contact after this holiday blessing.