It’s already that time of year again — it’s time to prepare to file your taxes, but new changes stand the chance of making that process tricky.

Tax professionals we spoke with say the two main things to consider are stimulus checks and the child tax credit.

Refunds can either be reduced or increased depending on your income and how much stimulus you received.

And, while the Advanced Child Tax Credit may not necessarily impact refunds, Kristie Noya with Jackson Hewitt Tax Service said the filing is important to avoid complications.

“They’ve made so many changes. The American Rescue Plan Act is the big one for the child tax credit. You wanna make sure you’re taking advantage of everything they’ve opened up for you and your tax pro is the one that has been trained and knows all of this knowledge,” said Noya.

For those who are unemployed but not exempt from filing taxes, Noya said you may still be able to claim the Child Tax Credit.