A North Dakota couple wanted to collaborate and combine the communities of Bismarck and Verrettes, Haiti.

So Ricardo Pierre Louis, a former professional Haitian soccer player, moved to Bismarck and is giving back to his hometown. He and his wife, Nika, created Lespwa Lavi, a nonprofit that provides a sustainable future for Haitians through education and empowerment.

That’s why they are organizing the first Amazing Race for Haiti. It’s based on the CBS TV show, Amazing Race. Teams of two to four people will solve clues that lead them to a series of tasks in Downtown Bismarck. The first team to complete the tasks and reach the finish line wins. All proceeds go towards building the Lespwa Lavi school in Verrettes, Haiti.

Rusty Bender, the event coordinator for the Amazing Race for Haiti says, “There will be many different challenges from physical activities to mental thought things, there might be some food challenges. It will just be a wild and crazy and fun amazing time.”

Registration is now open for the Amazing Race. The event takes place in May, just two months away. That gives you time to strategically plan your team and how to win.

For more information on Lespwa Lavi and the Amazing Race for Haiti go here.