BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) —A former mayor of Bismarck says the water bills are too high, and he’s rallying neighbors to do something about it. Marlan Haakenson, also known as “Hawk”, is petitioning neighbors to sign a petition to bring down property taxes and city water rates.

Haakenson states that this price hike is causing many residents to live paycheck to paycheck, with some families even struggling to make ends meet — especially when it comes to groceries and other bills. To address the concern, he has started a petition to help reduce the cost of these bills…. and now, he has an update as to its progress.

“These petitions roll back the water rates and property taxes in the city of Bismarck to 2018 levels,” explains Haakenson, “and the state-wide petition side doesn’t do a thing with city water rates. That’s one that’s very important to the citizens, and one will be rolled back with this petition. The city has no choice — they have to do it. We got them in a corner.
We are the most out-roared.”

Haakenson also states that even though the petition has plenty of signatures, the petition will still be accepting signups throughout the rest of the year.