A Garrison city police officer is on leave while an internal investigation is underway after two women accused the officer of harassment.

“I feel like he can do and say whatever, and get away with it,” said Briana Ogle.

Ogle is talking about the officer with the Garrison Police Department. Ogle first encountered him when she called police to her apartment back in August for an unrelated incident.

Ogle added, “He’s like, ‘Let me get your information, that way you can have the time and dates of when this occurred.’ So I handed him my driver’s license and he had stated that I had beautiful eyes.”

But she says it didn’t stop there.

“And then when he handed my driver’s license back, that’s when he physically stroked my arm,” she said.

Ogle claims the officer came back to her home multiple times that evening, touching her inappropriately on her lower back. She says she became more worried when he showed up at her job at a local motel and even followed her home one night.

“We started our vehicles and he was across the street at the state parking lot and as soon as we started our cars, his lights turned on,” Ogle added. “He flanked me the whole way to my parent’s house. I ended up staying at my parent’s house because I was so afraid to go home.”

Another employee at the motel says she has had a few run-ins with the officer as well.

“He pulled up, got out of his vehicle and started walking up to the picnic table, and shut his body cam off, which I thought was very strange and he made an obscene gesture,” added Rebecca Huston.

KX News obtained both women’s formal complaints that were filed with the city, describing their encounters. They also took the issue directly to the Garrison City Council. They had been scheduled to appear on the agenda on Sept. 8.

“We were on the agenda, but for some reason, we were taken off without consent. I’m not sure for what reason,” Huston said in a recording of the city council meeting.

“It was my recommendation. We were informed of an informal complaint about one of our officers and it’s currently under investigation and it’s not something we will be speaking about in city council,” said City Attorney Jim Wilson.

We reached out to the city attorney, the mayor and the police chief. They say the matter is currently under investigation, and they can not comment.

We also heard from a city council member who says he has “not been briefed by any city officials regarding the status of the allegations or investigation.”

As for Ogle and Huston, they say they just want to feel safe.

“I’m protecting myself, I’m protecting Briana, I’m protecting this whole community. That’s what I’m trying to do,” said Huston.

That officer is on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues. In the meantime, the city has just one other police officer on duty — the chief. Another officer has been hired but has not started yet.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.