Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner called House Bill 1431 the second, in a trifecta of bills used to take care of Legacy Fund earnings.

Gov. Doug Burgum agreed when he signed the $680 million bonding package Wednesday morning.

The bond package will use Legacy Fund dollars to help improve infrastructure across the state.

$510 million will go toward flood control projects, $70 million for bridge repair and other Department of Transportation projects, $50 million for a revolving infrastructure loan for cities and counties and $50 million to replace Harris Hall at North Dakota State University with an agricultural products development center.

“Now we’re talking about using earnings to pay off bonds to get projects done quicker. Remember this about the bonding bill, we’re going to do those projects anyway. We got them off the table so other water projects can, get the funding and get resources,” said Wardner (R-Dickinson).

And, he adds, all of this will be done without increasing taxes for the people of North Dakota.