Last week, a federal judge in Louisiana heard arguments on whether the Biden administration can lift pandemic-related restrictions on immigrants requesting asylum.

Since March of 2020, migrants have been expelled more than 1.8 million times under the federal Title 42 authority, which denies migrants a chance to request asylum under U.S. law on the grounds of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The administration’s plan to end the Title 42 authority was announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has drawn criticism from Republicans and some Democrats, fearing a flood of new migrants.

Louisiana, Arizona, Missouri and other states are suing the CDC to keep Title 42 within their borders.

The administration’s announcement has also drawn criticism from our own Sen. John Hoeven, who says he’s working with his Democratic colleagues to challenge the move.

“We’ve got our guardsmen down there. They’re doing just an incredible job. There’s another example of where we have not only worked to pass legislation to not only force the administration to do more but to also work through the courts. And, we’re getting to a point on this public health order 42, where I think we are going to get more of our democratic colleagues in the Senate to join with us to try to keep that in place, to just try to step this flow of people coming across the border illegally,” he said.

Another potential obstacle to ending Title 42 is that law enforcement, schools and the healthcare system may not be prepared for a widely anticipated influx of migrants.