BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — One of North Dakota’s candidates for the House of Representatives will be withdrawing after facing pressure from fellow party leads.

Mark Haugen, originally the Democratic-NPL party representative for this year’s House elections, announced in an email sent to media outlets that he is suspending his candidacy as of Sunday, September 4. With his departure, concerns have arisen that there will not be a Democratic-NPL nominee on this year’s ballots.

“It is with a heavy heart,” Haugen stated in the letter, “that I announce that I am suspending my campaign for the U.S House of Representatives and will be notifying the Secretary of State’s office of my decision on Tuesday.”

“Over the past several days,” the letter continues, “I have received pressure from many Democratic -NPL Party leaders and other activists on the far left to step away since Cara Mund has entered the race. Much of the far left’s concern is my pro-life position for which I have refused to compromise. Knowing this, without the support from the Democratic -NPL party, I don’t see a viable path forward to winning this race.”

To close out the message, Haugen thanked his wife Sharol, campaign treasurer Deb Guy-Igoe, and statewide candidate teammates. He finished by stating that “It has been an honor and pleasure to travel and meet the great people of North Dakota.”

Haugen will be hosting a press conference at his Bismarck residence (2006 Santa Barbara Drive) at 4:00 p.m. on Labor Day to further explain his position and plans going forward.