Patience — that’s what the Minot Public Works department asks for amid the expected snowfall.

Assistant Public Works Director Jason Sorenson says ahead of the storm, the city will not use brine but will use sand and salt to create more traction on the roads.

As soon as accumulation is on the ground, the eight blades will get to work.

Emergency routes are cleared first, then hills and school areas, followed by residential areas.

One thing Sorenson asks for patience with is what may happen to driveways. He says with the snowfall that is expected, the gates don’t work as well, and some driveways may have snow pushed along them.

“Pushing 1,000 lane miles that we need to get cleared with eight blades, so having to go back and clean out everybody’s driveways is just going to delay getting the town open,” he added.

Another reminder from the city: please refrain from parking on the street this week.

And the City of Bismarck’s Public Works department says its snow plowing equipment is also ready for this snowstorm.

Trucks will be out on the roads even before the snow starts and will apply beet juice mixed with salt water to lower the temperature when water freezes.

Seven snowplow units and a crew of 14 people will be clearing the streets.

“Our snow emergency routes, we will stay on them until all of the snow is cleared and until it stops. Once the snow stops we’re going to hit hard on the snow emergency routes to keep them open and then we’ll move into our secondary routes and our residential will be last — but just bear with us, we’ll be there as soon as we can,” said Crew Leader Chad Schiermeister.

A spokesperson for the department says it generally takes three days to completely clear all the streets in the city after a four-inch snowfall, but with the anticipated amount of snow expected to fall with this storm, they predict it will take a fairly long time to clear the streets.

“It can several days to clean up the city after this one. And if it stops snowing Thursday, it is potentially Sunday before we get everything done. We will work through the weekend and will work 12 hour days until it’s done,” he added.

A few other things residents should be aware of are to move their cars off the streets so that the plows can get the work completed more quickly and avoid shoveling or blowing the snow from your driveway into the street.