In 1965, the Medora Musical was just an idea.

These 57 years later, thousands have been able to experience the tradition that’s become a summer staple.

“Families who go year in and year out can rely on the idea that it’s going to be safe, family-friendly, it’s going to inspire you a little bit. You’ll see some horses up on stage, get a little history lesson about Teddy Roosevelt and the Medora Area, and come away smiling,” said Tim Olson, the communications specialist for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

Thanks to a sizable donation, more children will be able to take in the musical for free.

In 2019, Medora Wish was established to offer free tickets to kids for one week each summer.

Since then, about 5,000 tickets have been made available for those kids.

Just recently, $10,000 went towards Medora Wish specifically for kids in Bottineau and Renville counties.

“We’re excited anytime we can get more kids to the musical, but especially for those kids living in Bottineau and Renville County,” Olson said. “This is an awesome opportunity and it’s thanks to the generosity of the Arthur and Edith Pearson Foundation.”

The Medora Musical starts on June 8 and lasts all summer through mid-September.

If you live in Bottineau or Renville Counties, use codes Bottineau2022 or Renville2022 when you purchase tickets online, and those kids’ tickets will be taken off of your total.