Monday on the Capitol grounds, hundreds participated in the “We the People” rally, protesting COVID mandates required for employment.

Demonstrators were saying it’s not about being vaccinated or refusing it, but people having the freedom of choosing which option works best for them.

Recently, President Joe Biden announced vaccine mandates for workers in healthcare, private industries and the federal government.

“It’s a personal choice. If you make the choice to be vaccinated, we support that; if you choose not to be we support that as well,” Michael Westbrook said.

Demonstrators held signs with several messages against mandates and traveled from all over the state to let their voices be heard.

“George Washington’s life mattered, Dr. Martin Luther Kings’ life mattered. You can go down the whole list of people who took action. It was maybe not very popular at the time, but it made a difference. I want people to understand the power they have,” Jared Hendrix said.

Sounds of chanting several sayings could also be heard with hopes of capturing the legislature’s attention.

“They are here in session today, and theirs some of the group here going into the Capitol Building after this to make their voices heard. I think they’ll get the message loud and clear,” Westbrook said.

Biden’s mandate would require mandatory vaccinations or weekly testing. Demonstrators hope legislators will put a ban in effect for North Dakota.