Thursday marks day five of search efforts for missing Beulah 18-year-old Tyler Schaeffer.

His family, law enforcement officers and many community members are waiting for him to return home and have all been working tirelessly to make that happen.

Schaeffer is a senior at Beulah High School, where he’s a straight-A student and an athlete.

“He is a loving, loving kid. He’s a caring big brother. A caring son. He’s got tough skin, but he’s got a heart of gold,” said Gina Campbell, his mother.

The 18-year-old was last seen early Sunday morning.

“Sunday, approximately 2 o’clock in the afternoon is when the report initially came to us. Through our investigation, we’ve been able to determine that the last known time is around 0330 hours, the morning of May 1st,” Chief of Police Frank Senn said.

On Sunday, search efforts for Schaeffer began. And since then, officers say no stone is being left unturned to find the missing man.

“We had an outpouring of citizens that came out and started searching. We were able to organize them in with our local Beulah fire department. And the Beulah fire chief put a search grid together and we went door to door that day. And did an extensive search of basically the whole Southern half of Beulah,” said Sgt. Jim Wenning.

Law enforcement and the community searched the surrounding areas.

They ground searched, conducted air searches and have water searches taking place as well.

Campbell says that she’s not giving up hope and that her son is out there.

“I just wanna believe that he’s out there and I just can’t get to him. But I want him to know I’m looking. I’m doing everything I can to bring him home,” she said.

Campbell added she’s so thankful for the community support and she appreciates the efforts law enforcement agencies are doing to find her son.

If you have any tips on Schaeffer’s whereabouts, reach out to the Beulah Police Department at 701-873-5252.