The whereabouts of a Bismarck High School student remain unknown, more than a month after he was last seen.

Both Bismarck police and Chase’s father are trying to get answers to the question…where is Chase Hurdle?

“You don’t think about the daily things, like a couple of days ago I got an appointment call for his dentist appointment,” said Chase’s father, Darius Hurdle.

Whether Chase will be home in time for Christmas is unknown — but his father is already preparing for his return.

“His stocking is there. We bought gifts for him under the Christmas tree, hoping we will find him,” said Darius.

Chase was seen on video surveillance leaving BHS just before 9 a.m on Nov. 2. Police say several people reported seeing him on Memorial Bridge that same day.

“There was also a report that morning of someone that jumped from Memorial Bridge. The description that was provided does not match Mr. Hurdle so I can’t say that’s the same person. However, I can’t discount it either because we haven’t located the person that’s been reported to have jumped off the bridge,” said Bismarck police Sgt. Mark Gaddis.

But his parents say that simply doesn’t sound like Chase, who they describe as a strong student with good grades and a close relationship with his siblings.

In the time since Chase was last seen in this image above, the few possible sightings of Chase in nearby towns cannot be confirmed and the posted flyers, water searches and police investigation have turned up few leads as to where he could be.

“It’s tougher to locate someone the longer they’re gone,” Gaddis said.

But Chase was found once before.

In July, Bismarck police took to the police department’s Facebook page, saying they located a person who didn’t remember anything — including his own name. That person was soon identified as Chase and reunited with his family.

His parents describe that incident as an isolated occurrence and say they haven’t experienced anything like that with Chase before.

“I want to tell you, Chase, that I love you and I want you to come home. Let us know that you’re OK. We have hope and belief that you’re fine, but just let us know that you’re OK. We love you,” said Darius.

The Christmas season is often seen as a time of hope. Now, Darius holds onto hope that his son will be found safe once more.

We also spoke with Chase’s mother who says she’s very concerned for Chase’s safety. Both of his parents want to know that he’s safe.

If anyone has any information on Chase’s whereabouts, you’re asked to contact Gaddis at 701-223-1212.