Roosevelt Park Zoo staff and zookeepers have been working overtime to ensure animals stay safe.

Preparation began with moving cold-sensitive animals inside, according to Zoo Director Jeff Bullock. Then came the blizzard.

While Wednesday was bad, Bullock says, Thursday is worse — the snowdrifts are difficult to keep up with but his team is doing everything they can to maintain paths to the animals so zookeepers can take care of them.

“We have a great staff,” Bullock said, “Nobody’s complaining. We have to take care of the animals.”

The goal is to also keep those paths clear inside exhibits so animals can move around and get to their food. To get this done, some employees have even been staying with friends and family in town so they don’t have to commute as far and a snow tractor the zoo borrowed has been a big help to pick employees up and drop them off at home.

“It’s tough,” Bullock said, “But I’m proud of everybody.”

All animals are safe and made it through the blizzard, Bullock added.