BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — A new year means new developments across the world. Whenever another lap around the sun begins, many people look forward to new changes in their lifestyles and careers. For us in the newsroom, a new year can also mean plenty of new stories to cover. This is an idea that’s clearly carried over to 2023, as we’ve got a whole list of major stories (both good and bad) on display this week.

#1: Mandan Police find missing woman safe

A 32-year-old woman went missing from Mandan in the previous week. According to the Mandan Police Department, 32-year-old Monica Acevedo was last contacted on December 28. Thankfully, a day after the article was posted, Monica was located and reported safe.

#2: Several new shops in the works in Bismarck for 2023

Residents of the Capital City should be excited for a few of the latest buildings coming to Bismarck in 2023. From new apartment buildings to spas, gold simulators, and even massive entertainment centers, there’s a lot of new things to look forward to in the new year.

#3: Firstborn baby of 2023 at Trinity Health is last in the current building

North Dakota’s first baby born in 2023 came into this world at 3:10 a.m. on January 1. Curiously enough, little Olivia serves as both a first and last milestone in the state: Trinity Hospital’s new building is set to open in the Spring, and Olivia was the last baby born in the old building!

#4: Borrowed Bucks changes hours at Bismarck location

A wildly popular night life hotspot in Bismarck has been experiencing major staffing shortages as of late — and as a result, is now only open on weekends. Effective immediately, the location is closed Mondays through Thursdays. With both of the previous locations of the roadhouse closing in the last decade, this could be seen as an unfortunate sign of things to come for the former chain.

#5: Updates in the Lamplighter shooter case

On Friday morning, an argument outside Minot’s Lamplighter Lounge resulted in the death of 36-year-old Kenny Javar from Minot. Witnesses state that Justin McDermott produced a gun during the argument and shot Javar twice in the body, and twice in the face. McDermott is now being held on a $2 million bond at the Ward County Jail.

#6: Bismarck Event Center vendors face problem with liquor liability

Getting a drink while watching the biggest events in town may be a bit harder than usual nowadays. The Bismarck Event Center’s usual vendor has had their license renewal denied, and to make matters worse, liquor companies themselves are pulling out of event venues due to large numbers of liability claims. While the center is the first venue to be facing this problem, it’s suggested that others begin taking steps to address the problem before it spreads.

#7: A North Dakota real estate scam to be on the lookout for

While real estate generally takes a break in the winter, scams are still alive and well. A recent study suggests that many hackers have been able to tap into the accounts of brokers and real estate agents, convincing buyers and sellers to redirect money transactions into a false account. Thankfully, there are steps everyone can take to both be aware of and counteract these scammers.

#8: Unsolved Mandan, Ward County cases from 2022 linger into 2023

In 2022, there were multiple homicide cases and deaths that plagued North Dakota — and as we move into 2023, two still remain unsolved. The stabbing of Kevin Greybull and an unidentified body found in Ward County have perplexed authorities for months, but no major leads have been discovered since the initial investigations.

#9: BRB: 75 years of Sisterly art at the Bismarck Arts and Gallery Association

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery, and to celebrate, they’re hosting a special exhibit at the BAGA’s main building. Here, never-before-seen art from the monastery’s archives is being shown to the public, showcasing creative works of all types. On this week’s BRB, Brendan Rodenberg paid a visit to the event’s artist reception to go behind the scenes of the exhibit and the collection’s latest addition.

#10: Resolutions, traditions and more: a New Year’s survey

While we wrap up the introductions to the new year, it’s important to consider the resolutions that we make. A recent study analyzed the resolutions of over 1,900 people across the US to determine our typical goals for the new year — as well as how effective we are at keeping them.

It isn’t just 2022 that seems to have passed: our weather team notes that the snowstorms are subsiding across the state too. Here’s a great photograph of a snowy morning in Bismarck, sent to us by Gary Gaasland. Just look at those frosty trees!

(Image Credit: Gary Gaasland)

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