BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s the end of another relaxing weekend in North Dakota, but the important news never stops. In contrast to last week’s overabundance of crime stories in the top listings, this week had plenty of surprises in store — everything from football fractures to nursing nightmares, and even summaries of old legends from the Missouri River. Here are our favorite top stories from this week.

#1: Carson Wentz to be sidelined for the forseeable future

 The former Bismarck Century Patriots’ and North Dakota State quarterback suffered a broken finger during a game against the Chicago Bears. Wentz is facing a recovery time of roughly four to six weeks, and he could possibly be sent to the injured reserve.

#2: Sound the Alarm: CHI St. Alexius facing staffing shortage

Nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association at CHI St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck delivered an open letter to management and the community on Monday, “sounding the alarm” on staffing at the hospital. According to a news release, staffing in the ICU and throughout the hospital has reached critical levels. 

#3: What is the Miniwashitu? North Dakota’s little-known river monster

Are you aware of the beast that dwells in the depths of the Missouri River? It’s known as the Miniwashitu, or Missouri River Monster, and while it may not be as well-known as other cryptids, it’s certainly just as terrifying as all of them. 

#4: Fatal rollover crash reported in McLean County

A 24-year-old New Town man was killed in a rollover crash occurring 17 miles south of Parshall on October 16.

#5: Minot residents demand answers to ongoing USPS mail delivery problems

Residents have not been shy in expressing their frustrations in not receiving mail for more than two weeks now, in some areas. This has especially created problems for residents who rely on medications delivered by USPS, and people who are waiting on other essentials, like paychecks and bills.

#6: BRB: Tommy’s Tunnel of Terror

Haunted houses are one thing, but a haunted car wash? The Tommy’s Express chain of car washes celebrates Halloween by combining their usual services with a spooky twist. On this week’s BRB, Brendan Rodenberg took the KX News Van and crew out for a trip to see how well the combination of terror and car treatment work together.

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