BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Just because snow shut down North Dakota for a little bit of the previous week, the news cycle never does. There’s been plenty of different stories about things occurring throughout the state, but unfortunately, not too many of them were positive. Here are the six major stories that took KX’s digital page by (snow) storm this week.

#1: Giant million-pound turbine moves through western North Dakota 

A tremendous turbine made its way through North Dakota earlier in the week, taking up a major portion of U.S. Highway 85. While it’s since gone on to Montana, its appearance was certainly one that came off as a surprise to those traveling the road.

#2: Missing woman in Ramsey County is found 

A woman who went missing from Ramsay County earlier in the week has thankfully been found, and in good time, too. Jada Winnegge was reported missing on November 15 and found on November 16.


#3: Man arrested for attempted murder at Williston’s CHI St. Alexius Hospital 

A 40-year-old man was arrested Sunday after he assaulted multiple individuals at CHI St. Alexius Hospital. A 15-year-old man sustained a severe laceration to the throat, and another 44-year-old man sustained a laceration to his hand. The 40-year-old who stabbed the two individuals was trailed to and apprehended on Highway 18-04. He was arrested without incident and is currently being held in Williams County Correctional Center.

#4: Five-passenger vehicle strikes tree in Walsh County, one killed

A vehicle carrying six individuals crashed in Walsh County on Saturday evening. According to the NDHP, the vehicle left the roadway before striking a tree on Walsh County Road 9. The driver was unharmed, but one of the passengers was killed, and another suffered minor injuries.

#5: School bus with children hit near Carpio

On Tuesday, a 77-year-old woman driving a school bus containing seven juvenile children struck another vehicle while on the road. Both riders in the vehicle — an 89-year-old male and a 90-year-old female — suffered serious injuries in the crash, with the male passing away later.

#6: Retail companies express interest in Minot 

Minot is a growing city, and there’s no denying that with a growing city comes growing retail opportunities. Plenty of businesses have shown that they intend to stake their claims in Minot, including restaurants, and retail clubs.

Although the snowstorm is over, the impact can still be felt across North Dakota. Just take a look at some of these photographs sent in by our viewers!

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