BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The closer we get to the holidays, the more stories seem to spring up — both hopeful and heartbreaking. And just because there’s a snowstorm doesn’t mean that this trend dies down. The week was full of events in and around North Dakota, even after the storm came to town. Here are the ten top stories that swept through KX’s web page in the days leading up to what many consider to be the merriest week of the year.

1: Winter storm leaves North Dakotans with nowhere to go

Another tremendous winter storm swept across North Dakota this week, leaving many with nowhere to go. However, just as soon as it came in, cities were already taking precautions to prepare citizens for a period of hunkering down. Businesses, roads, and schools were shut down in nearly every county where the storm struck.

2: Power outages reported in scattered areas of the state due to the storm

As if roads and highways being closed wasn’t bad enough, even homes were victims of the snowstorm, as power outages cause by frost and ice were also reported. Counties affected by the outages were listed in this article.

3: Name of victim in Williston Murder released

After the murder of a 30-year-old woman was reported in Williams County on the 14th, a manhunt began for the killer, 34-year-old Jacob Long. Officers in the Buford area in southwestern Williams County located a house that appeared broken into on the night of December 15, and when called to assist, SWAT and Negotiations teams discovered that Long was inside the building. He was successfully apprehended, and the woman who was murdered was identified as 30-year-old Megan Lindquist from Washington.

4: Bismarck Police search for man in stabbing Wednesday evening

An arrest warrant for attempted murder and terrorizing has been issued for Chad Blevins for Wednesday evening’s stabbing on Patriot Dr. in Bismarck. Allegedly, Blevins entered the home of a 32-year-old man and stabbed him in an isolated incident. The Bismarck Police are following up on leads in an attempt to locate and apprehend Blevins, but some information suggests that he may have fled to Standing Rock.

5: Texas gang member sentenced to Federal Prison in North Dakota

On December 13, Joel Alejandro Quinonez — a 34-year-old from Puebla, Mexico, appeared before Chief Judge Peter D. Welte at the U.S District Court in Fargo — where he was sentenced for crimes related to drug trafficking. He was previously deported from the United States in April of 2021, but illegally snuck back, eventually being discovered in North Dakota peddling drugs out of hotel rooms. During the case, Quinonez was identified as a member of Texas-based street gang ‘Tango Blast’, and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

6: Authorities continue investigating unsolved murder case

Nearly three months after Kevin Grey Bull was found dead near a trolley bridge in Morton County, the search continues for the person or people responsible for his death. The evidence has been submitted to the State Crime Laboratory for testing, and the Morton County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing every possible clue and lead at their disposal… but while the case was deemed a homicide, there is no definitive culprit. Whether the incident was a targeted or random attack is just one of the many questions currently surrounding Grey Bull’s murder.

7: Minot Mother of two seeks treatment in Mexico

According to the National Library of Medicine, Multiple Sclerosis affects approximately 400,000 people in the United States and over 2 million people worldwide. One person affected by this condition — Samantha Brown, a mother from Minot — is seeking a treatment that could stop the disease in its’ tracks, but unfortunately, it’s only being used in clinical trials in Pueblo, Mexico. To help make a happy life for her family, she’s willing to travel and take the risk.

8: Restaurant owner buys former MacKenzie River Pizza

Fans of MacKenzie River Pizza in Bismarck rejoice — the owners of Charras and Tequilla, a beloved Mexican restaurant in the area, is looking to buy the former pizza place and pub. It’s currently unclear when this new project will open, but we know that the owner plans to renovate and rename the building, as well as renew its liquor license.

9: Meet Santa’s helpers from around the world

We’ve already discussed the history of the original Saint Nicholas, and how depictions of him in history differ from the holiday figure we know today…. but the same concept applies to his many companions. Just as Santa Claus’s image and traditions have changed across the world, though, so have the individuals he associates with. Nowadays, many of us know the basic ideas of those who help Santa Claus perform his yearly duties, but there’s an entire cast of supporting characters that you may not know about. Learn about both the naughty and nice people and creatures that follow the right jolly old elf with KX!

10: Study says North Dakota’s Christmas Spirit went up in 2022- way up

Although previous articles posted earlier in the month suggested that North Dakota’s Christmas spirit went down during previous years, a recent study of Google search trends indicates that we’ve more than gotten back in the spirit of the season. Research performed by indicates that overall, North Dakota’s holiday search terms landed it as the state with the 3rd largest amount of Christmas Spirit in the United States.

Rounding out the week, we have this lovely picture taken south of Baldwin, sent in by Perry Meske!

(Image Credit: Perry Meske)

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