BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — This week in North Dakota news may have been a bit slower than some other weeks in the cycle, but there’s always news to be found. From Football updates to police concerns, we’ve gathered some of the biggest stories across the site for you in this edition of In Case You Missed It — and thrown in some more lighthearted ones, for good measure.

#1: The question Cando, Leeds residents want answered: Why kill farmer Doug Dulmage, others? Douglas Dulmage, 56, was shot in his combine while harvesting wheat in his field south of Cando, said Pat Traynor, a close friend. Authorities said the other three men — Justin Bracken, 34; Richard Bracken, 64; and Robert Bracken, 59 — had all been working the harvest with Dulmage. A .357-caliber revolver was found near one of the bodies. 

#2: Update on the 2022 North Dakota NFL rookies heading into the regular season

 With so many local North Dakota college players having been drafted or signed by teams this year, we decided to provide an update on where they all are before the start of the season. 

#3: Firearm found at Williston school

 According to reports, around 9:35 a.m., a Williston Police School Resource Officer received word that a firearm had been brought to Williston High School and was secured in a vehicle. The weapon was then retrieved from the vehicle by the School Resource Officer and members of the school staff. 

#4: Former Beulah banker pleads guilty to fraud

 Brady Torgerson is accused of issuing loans without getting a promissory note and for not entering loan information into the bank’s computers. He also issued 20 bank money orders without crediting or funding the transactions which led to an overdraft of more than $724,558 in the bank’s ledger account. 

#5: Happiness, Humanity, and Hip-Hop: getting NUR-D with Minneapolis musician

NUR-D, one of Hip-Hop’s rising stars, hails from Minneapolis and has worked alongside the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan and Tyler the Creator. He’s bringing his music — and a powerful message about how music can connect people — to Minot State University later in September. Before the event, Brendan Rodenberg sat down with him to learn more about his story, his thoughts on music and the human condition, and his advice for other musicians.

#6: PHOTOS: Aurora Borealis across North Dakota

Aurora Borealis is a fantastic display of the wonders of nature, occurring when charged particles from the sun collide with molecules here in Earth’s atmosphere. Over the years, they’ve meant different things to different people, but we can all agree that they’re beautiful. Unwind with this collection of our favorite photos of the northern lights taken around North Dakota.

To round out the week, here are a few photographs of the 43rd Avenue Water Tower in Bismarck celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of routine rehabilitation, the tower will be getting the logo of the City of Bismarck stenciled and painted on its east side. The design was completed by Sunday afternoon.

Do you have a great shot you’d like to show us? Be sure to visit this page to learn how to submit your photos and videos. You can also reach out to us on our Bismarck and Minot Facebook pages. We’ll see you again next weekend for more of the news you need to know in North Dakota!