BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — It’s been a busy weekend at KX, thanks to our live coverage of the United Tribes International Powwow — but there’s still plenty more happening in Bismarck and beyond this week. Here’s a list of the six stories that took North Dakota by storm this week.

#1: Cause of Triple Murder-Suicide Revealed

On August 29, the bodies of four men were found in Towner County — all dead as a result of multiple fatal gunshot wounds. Now, the police investigation into the incident has revealed that the shootings stemmed from a dispute between brothers Robert and Richard Bracken.

#2: Nichole Rice’s pretrial conference and arrangement

In 2007, Nichole Rice was arrested for the murder of her roommate but is currently on bail. Now, the time has come to finish the 15-year-old cold case. A formerly anonymous tip and a cross-examination have put more suspicion on Rice, but she currently pleads not guilty.

#3: Term Limits to be placed on November Ballot

After a successful petition from Term Limits for North Dakota, limits on certain government positions — including the positions of governor, state senator, and member of the state House of Representatives — the topic of term limitations will be placed on the November election ballot. Following controversy regarding excessive scrutiny, the North Dakota Supreme Court has decreed that the question will go through to the polls.

#4: Minot’s five-year Infrastructure Plan

Every year, Minot’s infrastructure committee looks over the five-year Capital Improvement Plan. This year, they’re focusing on building add-ons to schools and firehouses. The committee says there are also plenty of other additions to look forward to in the future.

#5: Judge restores oil lease on land sacred to US, Canada tribes

A federal judge on Friday ordered the Biden administration to reinstate a drilling lease that has been in dispute for decades on land near the Blackfeet Indian Reservation that is considered sacred to Native Americans. The tribe’s claim — that drilling would have an adverse effect on the ‘power and spirituality of the area — was criticized for not going into detail on what the term actually entailed.

#6: BRB: Tribal Dance: Then and Now

During the International Powwow this weekend, the main event was the Dance Competition — where over 400 dancers, in a variety of costumes and styles of dance, displayed their own movements to both compete against each other and honor their tribal traditions. On this week’s BRB, Brendan Rodenberg spoke to dancers both young and old to learn more about the importance of the dances, and what they mean to different people.

We’ll wrap up this week with something a little different — the results of our Saturday Night taste test! This week, we tried out Botan Rice Candy — a semisweet treat available at Asian Gourmet Market in Bismarck and oriental markets across the state. They’re known for their orange, chewy center, and more commonly, their second edible wrapper made of rice paper. What did we think? Be sure to watch the video to find out.

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