BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s Halloween, and while many people are still focused on tonight’s festivities, there’s still reading to be done here on KX. It’s always good to know before you go (trick-or-treating, in this case), and getting your fill of holiday reports is a perfect way to build the anticipation and get you ready to go out on the town for your Halloween celebrations, whatever they may be.

We’ve chronicled our favorite and most popular articles that deal with October, Halloween, the supernatural, or anything ‘spooky’ into this mixed treat bowl of an article. Enjoy!

Halloween Safety

#1: KX Conversation — Halloween Safety

It’s always important to learn to stay safe on Halloween, and in order to help teach parents and children the proper way of doing so, KX’s Nicholas Quallich spoke with Sgt. Hoffer of the Lincoln Police Department. Here, the Sergeant shared what the police consider to be the most important tip for parents, how to handle community events, and things kids can do to help make Halloween a scary but safe time for everyone.

#2: How to Stay Safe this Halloween — a list of tips

If the conversation wasn’t enough, this article supplies you with a list of handy, easy-to-follow rules — including child, trick-or-treating, travel, and candy safety –that you can implement immediately to start making Halloween both safe and enjoyable for everyone.

#3: How to protect your pet from Halloween hazards, autumn risks

It’s one thing to keep yourself safe, but how about your pets? From keeping an eye on toxic treats to choosing a non-constricting costume, here are a few things that are important to keep in mind when celebrating Halloween with your furry friends.

Spooky Statistics

As anyone who’s been through a math class can tell you, numbers can be scary, too. There are been plenty of studies, surveys, and lists around the holiday’s favorite things, from the sweet to the supernatural. Here are a few of the stories we think are worth adding to this candy bowl.

#1: Specific Spirit Statistics in North Dakota

Did you know that North Dakota is the state with the second-largest number of ghost sightings per 100,000 people? A study from not only pointed out which states seem to be the most popular place for poltergeists, but also where they tend to appear, specific areas in houses they like, and even the genders of apparent ghosts seen.

#2: Candy is more expensive this Halloween, especially these brands (report)

Not everything about Halloween candy is a treat. Inflation impacts everything, and your favorite sweets are no exception. Marketplace data company Datassembly studies and revealed which sweets have had the highest and lowest increase in price over the past year. Let’s just say we hope you’re not a Twix fan.

#3: What’s the ‘Worst’ Halloween candy?

Everyone’s tastes when it comes to candy are different, and what some love, others hate. While there’s no technical ‘official worst candy’, some sweets certainly seem less well-received than others. A survey by bulk candy sellers found the country’s most beloved and despised additions to their Halloween hauls.

Eerie and exciting events

If you’re not a fan of trick-or-treating (or just too old to do so), there are still plenty of things to do in North Dakota to celebrate the season. Our reports have had their fair share of screams (both in delight and terror) at the hands of these Halloween celebrations.

1: Over 3,000 people show up for Dakota Zoo Boo

Everyone loves candy, animals, and costumes… so why not combine the three? Reporter Joel Porter headed down to the Dakota Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo event where people were able to dress up and get candy while saying hello to all of the animals the zoo has to offer.

#2: Spooky Saturday: The Haunted Fort

Fort Lincoln is a historic landmark in North Dakota, but it still can’t help but get into the Halloween spirit. Every year, the fort is decked out and transformed into a haunted house all its own that many refer to as a terrifying experience. A few of KX’s brave reporters ventured into the fort to see what the fuss is all about. How did they fare? (spoilers: there’s screaming. A LOT of screaming.)

#3: Tommy’s Tunnel of Terror: A Car Wash of Horrors?

You read the title right. Even car washes aren’t safe from Halloween events. Recently, the Tommy’s Express chain of car washes has put out its own Halloween Promotion — the Tunnel of Terror- to treat guests to a short frightening trip through the car wash. KX took a news van to the event to report about what exactly happens when horror and automobile hygiene mix.

#4: Rocky Horror Screenings: Dig it, if you can

The Rocky Horror Picture Show wasn’t well-0received when it first came out in the 70s, but over time, it’s blossomed into a cult classic that is screened all over the world in theaters when Halloween rolls around. Some of these are ‘interactive’ screenings that feature shouting, costumes, and props. On a Halloween BRB special, Brendan Rodenberg attended the Dakota Stage’s version to see what it is about these showings that draws everyone out to get a little bit wild with other creatures of the night.

Local Legends

Although many of these Halloween traditions are new, there’s no better time than Halloween to hear about some of the haunting stories, abandoned architecture, and urban legends stemming from the olden days of North Dakota. As it happens, during October, we devoted a weekend segment to uncovering a few of these spooky stories. We’re also throwing in an old report about ghost towns to shed some more light on that particular area of North Dakota’s haunting history.

Just like a variety pack of candy, feel free to pick a few of these articles to get you ready for Halloween night. Have a safe and delicious evening, and we’ll see you next weekend for another edition of In Case You Missed It!