BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s the Halloween weekend, and there’s no better time than before the celebrations begin to make sure you’re caught up on the news — and there’s been plenty to discuss this week. As is fitting for the month of October, reports of all sorts have come to KX’s website. Here are a few of the most trending stories from in and around North Dakota this week.


The Miss USA Pageant recently concluded, and although our state didn’t win, that appears to be the least of pageant fans’ concerns. Viewers and even contestants have become suspicious that the winner of the event was predecided by the judges. In this article, ND representative SaNoah LaRocque gives her comments on pageantry, the controversy, and the legacy she wants to leave as a pageant queen.

#2: Larimore man learns of biological father’s identity, fights to have birth certificate changed

As a child, Dennis Wentz felt that something was missing, and a search for his biological father revealed his heritage. However, when he attempted to have his birth certificate changed to reflect his biological father, his efforts were rejected. Follow Went’s journey to reclaim his history with this article.

#3: Missing Benny Armstrong found inside submerged vehicle 

Benny Armstrong, a 62-year-old man, was reported missing on October 19. H has been found, but not in the way many were hoping. A fisherman reported to law enforcement on Thursday that they had located a submerged vehicle near the Lewis and Clark boat ramp in Williston with Armstrong inside.

#4: Investigation uncovers theft ring targeting meatpacking plants in North Dakota, other Midwestern states

A meat theft ring seems like a strange thing to observe, but with the rising prices of red meat, it’s more prevalent than ever. Investigations into trailers full of frozen beef in Nebraska have led authorities across the US down a rabbit hole where approximately 45 thefts of large quantities of meat have been identified across the midwest.

#5: Border Strike Force seizes over 50 pounds of illegal drugs in North Dakota

North Dakota law enforcement agencies participating in a joint detail as part of the American Governors’ Border Strike Force recently seized more than 50 pounds of illegal drugs, including enough fentanyl to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

#6: The North Dakota winter outlook

 As winter approaches, it’s the burning question on all of our minds. What will our winter look like this year? We have signals from the atmosphere that can give us an idea and now, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its findings.

#7: New details emerge in Bismarck parking lot murder

More details have been released regarding the murder of Christopher Sebastian earlier this October, allegedly perpetrated by Benjamin Williams.

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