NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — A number of projects for carbon capture in North Dakota have either been proposed or have been running at a smaller scale.

With a lot of larger-scale proposals coming forward, some people are voicing their concerns.

This week, KX News spoke with Energy Finance Analyst, Bruce Robertson, to learn if carbon capture could potentially become a liability for the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota takes pride in leading the way for both energy and agriculture, and the state says it’s important to stay in that position and advance in these fields.

Investing into concepts such as carbon capture is something a portion of North Dakotans are interested in dipping their toes in.

Looking at the Williston Basin small carbon project and Richardton’s, many do not see a risk in getting involved with larger capture projects.

But Robertson says as a state we need to beware.

“Well, look anything that doesn’t actually work, it doesn’t matter how much government money you throw edit if it doesn’t actually work, it doesn’t work and so this is going to be one of those sort of rabbit holes that the world goes down, unfortunately, that doesn’t actually work and so you know what are you doing by subsidizing something doesn’t work you’re increasing its life and so you’re increasing the amount of time that it’s not functioning,” Robertson said.

Robertson tells us carbon capture projects’ ultimately can be a big setback for the state of North Dakota.

However, according to the state, both the state and federal government are heavily regulating and monitoring the carbon capture facilities and pipelines.

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This is a developing story.