The trial continued Wednesday for Steven Rademacher, a Williston man accused of murder for running over a group of his neighbors and fleeing the scene.

The trial at the Williams County Courthouse was set to begin at 9 a.m. but was pushed back to 1 p.m. after state’s attorneys said they discovered new information on Tuesday and requested the trial be pushed so they could have group counseling with their witnesses.

And the judge granted that request.

More witnesses were called to the stand, and they shed light on exactly how things unfolded that day.

Rademacher is facing charges for murder, attempted murder and terrorizing.

Dyson Bastian was killed in the crash. Thomas Burke and Jeb Kallio survived.

“After the fact, all I can remember is Thomas. Thomas was just yelling. And Dyson was way back by the sandbox, at least 10 yards back from where we were sitting,” said witness Jeb Kallio.

The jury heard from many witnesses who were at the scene at the time of the incident.

Burke was emotional in the courtroom when he gave his testimony about what happened after the group was hit.

“At that point, were you in a position to go help Dyson?” asked Assistant State Attorney Kate Preusse.
“No, I couldn’t breathe,” Burke said.
“OK, and you mentioned being in pain. What else were you physically feeling at that point?” Preusse said.
“I was trying to crawl out of the way,” Burke replied.

Miranda Gunvoldson and Dustin Meehan were the homeowners on the date of the incident, July 29, 2019. They were gathered outside with their friends having a bbq.

Rademacher was their neighbor.

“Where is the defendant’s residence?” said Assistant State Attorney Nathan Madden.
“Right there,” Meehan said, pointing at a map.
“The one with the sort of dark greenish roof?” asked Madden.
“Yep,” Meehan replied.
“So literally if you’re looking out the front door of your house, what are you looking at?” asked Madden.
“His residence,” said Meehan.

Gunvoldson was the first to notice the defendant driving toward the yard. She grabbed her son and moved toward the house.

“Why did you go that way?” asked Madden.
“To get us out of the way. We were the closest too. We were on the end chairs, so I just grabbed him and went towards the house,” said Gunvoldson.

Burke also remembered the moment right before the car entered the yard.

“Miranda said he’s turning around and she grabbed Conner. And then we tried to stand up and we weren’t fast enough,” said Burke.

The prosecution will call more witnesses to the stand on Thursday.

Court proceedings are scheduled back at 9 a.m.