A request for a reduced sentence for a man convicted of killing his family in 1992 when he was a teenager is now being reviewed by the judge — and so is a brief submitted by the state asking that his sentence remain.

Michael Neugebauer was convicted of killing his father, mother, sister and brother 30 years ago. Last month, he filed to have his sentence reduced.

Neugebauer argued that since there was no parole mentioned in any of his sentences, his sentences were unconstitutional and must be remedied.

He also brought up a 2017 North Dakota statute, which states a court may reduce a juvenile defendant’s sentence if convicted as an adult. He was 15 when he committed the crimes.

The state, however, says that the North Dakota Supreme Court held that only sentences since August 2017 — when the statute was created — can be reduced or changed.

The court will now review both briefs to reach a decision.

Neugebauer has been in prison for almost 30 years.