The jury is still out in the Chad Isaak trial.

Jurors left for deliberations just before 2 p.m. on Thursday. The judge said that deliberations would wrap around 5 unless the jury was close to making a decision.

Here’s a look back at some of the testimony presented over the course of the trial and during closing arguments:

A knife in the washing machine, gun parts in the freezer and orange fibers found on the victim’s clothing that matched fibers from an orange sweatshirt and reversible face mask found in Chad Isaak’s dryer.

“Did you find any of these orange fibers on the RJR vehicle?” asked Prosecuting Attorney Gabrielle Goter.
“I did. On the tape lift from the armrest,” said Amy Michaud, a forensic chemist/trace evidence examiner with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
“And did you find any of these light orange fibers on William Cobb’s clothing?” said Goter.
“Yes, on his shirt,” said Michaud.
“And how about on Lois Cobb’s clothing?” asked Goter.
“On her blouse,” Michaud replied.
“What about Robert Fakler?” said Goter.
On his coat, his sweatshirt and his jeans,” said Michaud.
“And what about Adam Fuehrer? Did you find any of these light orange fibers on his clothing?” Goter asked.
“Yes, on his sweatshirt,” Michaud said.

That was just some of the evidence that lead the state to believe that Isaak was the person caught on surveillance video walking into RJR the morning of the murders.

A patient of Isaak’s also testified that her noon appointment for that day was pushed back at the request of the doctor.

But the defense worked to create doubt in the juror’s minds, calling patients of Isaak’s to the stand.

“Does anything stand out to you about that appointment?” said Defense Attorney Jesse Walstad.
“No, nothing was different than any other appointment that I had,” said Joseph Schmit.

In closing arguments, both sides made their cases one final time to the jury.

“On April 1, 2019, Justin Bockheim arrived at work. He walked inside the shop of RJR Maintenance and Management and his world stopped for a minute. Robert Fakler, Justin’s boss, a man described as fair, a man Justin thought of as family, a man who would give you the shirt off his back and bring eggs in for his employees, laid on the floor in a pool of blood and broken eggs, apparently dead,” said Goter.

“Their case has all the bells and whistles, but their case is short. Their case is based on two things. Emotion – we all want to find somebody responsible for these senseless acts of violence. An example, they showed you 124 photographs of the autopsies when the homicides were stipulated. And presentation — hundreds of exhibits, photographs and a lengthy Powerpoint presentation that went for the better part of a day — ironically prepared by an organization called Slick. But their case is short on facts, and their case is short on evidence,” said Defense Attorney Bruce Quick.

Then it was time for the jury to deliberate and decide whether the Washburn chiropractor was the person responsible for the four murders at RJR on April 1, 2019.

There were many RJR employees in the courtroom on Thursday. We’ll bring you the verdict as soon as it happens.

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