A 12-person jury found Steven Rademacher guilty of murder, two counts of attempted murder and three counts of terrorizing on Friday.

The Williston man was accused of running over his neighbors, killing one, and driving away from the scene in 2019.

Many witnesses took the stand over the course of the trial, with most of them law enforcement who responded at the time of the incident.

The jury was also shown two interviews between Rademacher and Detective Caleb Fry on the day Rademacher was arrested where he claimed he didn’t mean to run over anyone in the group and was having car trouble. The same day, an auto technician who inspected the truck this year testified that he didn’t see any issues with the throttle.

On Friday, the last day of the trial, Rademacher took the stand in his own defense.

The jury handed the verdict shortly after 5 p.m.