Jury shown Rademacher arrest interview on day 4 of trial

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More witnesses took the stand in the trial of Steven Rademacher, who is accused of hitting a group of people with his truck, killing Dyson Bastian.

The next door neighbor to where the incident took place recalled hearing a loud noise.

“I remember being on my couch and I heard a loud bang. I’ve heard those bangs before. It usually involves something large hitting something large,” said Greg Svihl.

Another neighbor also heard the noise and saw the truck driving close to the yard.

“I saw the truck come around again and I don’t know if he stopped or slowed down. I heard another yell and then he drove off,” said Sarah Adkins.

Many witnesses claim that once Rademacher drove past the house again, he said something to them.

“I remember two words very distinctly. ‘Had enough?'” Svihl said.

After being arrested, law enforcement say Rademacher requested to only talk to two people — one of them being Detective Caleb Fry with the Williams County Sheriff’s Office.

Fry did two interviews with the defendant and they were shown in court for the first time.

In the videos, Rademacher claimed that hitting the group of people was an accident.

“Did you mean to run over that one or did you mean to run over another one of them?” Fry asked.
“You know what I didn’t mean to run over any of them. I just, honest to God, it wasn’t him, it wasn’t specific to anybody,” said Rademacher.
“It was just the group?” Fry said.
“Yeah. It was just to tell them shut the **** up. It was just to tell them to be quiet. No more,” said Rademacher.

Rademacher also claims he was having trouble with his truck and couldn’t stop it.

“All I remember is that I hit the gas and the gas pedal was stuck,” said Rademacher.
“And what? What happened then?” Fry asked.
“It was stuck,” Rademacher replied.

An auto technician who inspected the truck this year says he didn’t see any issues with the throttle.

“I checked the throttle to see its operation. It was working properly. I inspected the computer, computer codes I know that, and I didn’t find any codes,” said Antonio Guerrero, with Red Rock Ford.

The trial will resume at 9 a.m. on Friday where the prosecution will call one more witness.

Rademacher is also slated to testify on his own behalf.

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