On day two of the Chad Isaak trial, testimony from law enforcement and from the wife of one of the victims were at the forefront.

Questions about an affair, Isaak’s connection to the victims and a motive for the crime continue to be key lines of questioning for both sides.

Much of this morning was filled with emotional testimony from Jackie Fakler.

She and her husband, Robert, co-owned RJR Maintenance and Management before he was murdered.

Now she says life has been difficult since that event, and since she learned of an affair Robert was having while they were married.

Jackie says her life changed dramatically when Robert was murdered and she became the full owner of RJR.

“I work twice as hard, I don’t have a life anymore, I don’t have dreams, I don’t have Robert,” Jackie said.

She also lost coworkers Adam Fuehrer, and husband and wife Bill and Lois Cobb on April 1, 2019.

“We were a very close family back then. We’re still a family but I don’t think we have that same bond, because we’re missing those people,” said Jackie.

Being tried for those four murders is Isaak — a Washburn chiropractor whose mobile home was managed by RJR, but who otherwise had little contact with the victims, according to Jackie.

She says he paid rent early and once did snow removal at the trailer park, but once RJR started managing it, he stopped.

Jackie says she didn’t know why, but overall there was nothing unusual about him as a tenant.

“He might have had his paperwork for his dog accommodations. Other than that, I mean it was a pretty normal lease that he had,” said Jackie.

Attorneys also brought up the years-long affair Robert was having with a woman named Lisa Nelson.

Jackie says she learned of it when investigators told her about a month after the murders.

Attorneys then questioned Jackie on a comment she made in the past about if Robert ever were to cheat on her — saying she’d “have him taken care of.”

Law enforcement said they didn’t take that literally.

“Talking with Jackie throughout the whole thing and stuff like that, I think that was just her way of saying that he’d be in trouble if he cheated on her. I think those words seem extreme but I don’t think they were literal,” said Lt. Pat Haug, with the Mandan Police Department.

Special Agent Shawn Banet, with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, also took the stand when video evidence of the outside of the scene was presented.

More graphic videos from inside the crime scene were also shown to jurors — but not the public.

“Just the amount of wounds and the seriousness, how horrific that scene looked. Lois Cobb’s injuries really stuck out to me. She had a very deep laceration to her neck and numerous stab wounds,” said Banet.

Isaak watched the entirety of the video expressionless.

Prior to the murders, Jackie said she had no knowledge of any personal threat to her or any of the victims, including her husband, Adam Fuehrer or the Cobbs.

Later in the afternoon, special agents and law enforcement gave testimony about the videos and pictures taken at the scene.

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