The cause of death for a Montana woman has been released.

According to a Richland County death certificate issued Friday, Katelynn Berry died of hypothermia, a result of, “walking outside without proper clothing for inclement weather.”

In a Facebook post, Berry’s family wrote, “Sadly, this information also does not provide answers into the circumstances surrounding her passing. The family will continue to pray for answers but are faced with knowing they may have to accept that the answers may never come.”

Berry was reported missing December 31, 2021 from her home south of Sidney. According to the Sidney Police Department, she was last seen at her residence on December 21, 2021. The police said Berry didn’t have a vehicle and was known to walk away from her home.

Police found her cellphone inside her residence on December 29, 2021.

On January 20, volunteer searchers found remains that were later identified as those of Berry.

At the start of March, Berry’s family started a nonprofit in her honor called Katelynn’s Voice Foundation, which will offer, among other things, several scholarships for high school seniors or undergraduate student dealing with mental health issues or in addiction recovery. The scholarships will be available for North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota student applicants.