KX Conversation: Cramer discusses Biden’s executive orders aimed at curbing gun violence

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President Joe Biden unveiled six executive orders last Thursday, which he says will help curb gun violence in America.

Ordering the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to conduct a data study on criminal gun trafficking; closing a loophole that’s contributed to the proliferation of so-called ghost guns; and establishing a national red flag law are among the most talked-about actions.

Sen. Kevin Cramer joined us for our April 13 edition of KX Conversation to talk about these orders and their meaning for North Dakota.

We asked Cramer what the No. 1 thing he opposed in the president’s announcement was, and he says the red flag provision.

“Whether or not they create a national red flag law or whether it becomes a standard for state red flag laws that one concerns me. The reason it does is because it proposes to require some sort of due process for somebody to get the rights inherent in the Constitution,” he said. “They shouldn’t need to have due process to get a right that’s already guaranteed. The due process should come with a move to remove those rights.”

We also discussed the multiple mass shootings to start 2021. In the month of March, we had mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado that resulted in 18 deaths.

If not gun regulation, we asked what Cramer thinks should be done by Congress to stop these mass murders.

“It’s about people doing the killing. And this is where the red flag laws become a problem. But I do think what we should look to do is find ways for families to intervene sooner in the lives of people, find ways for healthcare providers to respectfully help a patient who, for example, seems likely to harm themself or others and then intervene with a family member,” Cramer said.

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