Whether he’s dropping toys off to children at Sanford Health or in class learning how to be even more jolly,
Santa Claus truly carries a hefty load…so how does he do it all?

For our Christmas Eve edition of KX Conversation, we were able to sit down with Old Saint Nick himself to see how he spreads cheer every year.

Thanks for joining us Santa, all the way from the North Pole! We know you’re a busy man but thanks for stopping by to KX.

“I’m so pleased to be here you know. Such a nice state. Such a nice city here. But, you know the only problem I had? I had to hide the reindeer out back when I flew in on the sleigh because I didn’t want the kids here in town to get too excited that it was Christmas morning. So that was the only problem but other than that it’s great! It’s nice weather, although the fire you have here is making me a little warm.”

It is a little toasty!

“But that’s OK it’s nice! I’m glad I was able to come down here and thank you for inviting me!”

Well, thanks Santa! And what have you been doing to prepare? What have you and the elves and the reindeer…

Oh wow…

Busy season?

“Yeah, it’s been really busy! You know at the North Pole we play Christmas music all year long because that’s just what we do. But this year now we’ve got some new changes in there, a little different sounds, so that’s good. That’s been good. But the equipment that we’re dealing with these days is so much more than what it used to be. I mean…I remember when I used to give a ball or a stick to kids you know? Even back 50 years ago when I would give them a G.I. Joe or a Lite-Brite! Do you remember Lite-Brite?”

“I do, yes.”

“Oh! They’re still out there but not as many kids get them…”

They’re fun!

“Oh yeah, they’re fun! But now they want laser tag and these videos games — I don’t even know what they’re called anymore. Thank goodness I’ve got the elves who are in charge of that. But we had to invest in all sorts of new equipment so we could get them just like the manufacturers make them. The manufacturers
help us too to make sure we get their games just right. So, they’re made at the North Pole but with the permission of the companies who actually own them. So, this year we’re finding, you know, the normal ones. You know, the girls they like their dolls…there’s no doubt. Bikes are a big thing this year for some reason… And they’re a little tough to put in the sleigh but we find a way. The elves do that. It’s a normal year but it’s busy.”

And reading all those Christmas cards from kids, and checking your list…What have you come away with? What’s the thing that kids want this year?

“You know there isn’t one particular thing but what I did find is that a lot of the kids seem to be less about things for them and they’d like to see their parents get a job, or be well again. Some of them have had parents who are sick with this COVID. That’s something I should remind the kids this year. Before you go to bed this year, do me a favor…wash your hands really good. I may not see you but it’ll keep that and I also might be wearing a mask depending on where I am just because of the COVID situation. But it’s things like that. You know they want things that are good for everyone not just for themselves. But they will take a bicycle or a Barbie Doll…Didn’t I give you a couple of Barbie Dolls a few years ago?”

I think so! Way back when!

“You lived in Pittsburgh, didn’t you?”

Yes, that’s right.

“I remember! She got two one year!”

Well, lastly Santa what is your favorite cookie? We’re going to have to wrap up soon but favorite cookie and a last message for the kids.

“Well if I only had one cookie I’d get real tired of it, you know? But, I really like those peanut butter ones with the chocolate Kiss in the middle. If you don’t have that, that’s fine! I’ll take whatever you have. I like all cookies. And of course, the reindeer like their carrots so if you leave them a carrot or two, but I can’t feed them all to them because everyone has them. I come home with a big bag of cookies too and Mrs. Claus and I enjoy those over the course of time. A last word for the kids — continue to listen to mom and dad, be good, and ho, ho, ho, MERRY CHRISTMAS!”