Minot Public Schools has 13 elementary schools in the district, but only four school nurses for all students.

Their main focus is those elementary schools, and the job requires a lot of attention to students.

School nurses are responsible for balancing healthcare and education. Minot Public Schools contracts its four nurses through First District Health Unit.

The nurses just finished three weeks of giving flu shots to students.

Angie Eisenzimmer has been a nurse for 15 years and has worked with the school district for four.

“We see a lot of kiddos that more than likely would be just sent home from school rather than taking care of their need, their immediate need,” said Eisenzimmer. “A lot of kiddos just need a little encouragement to stay in class.”

Eisenzimmer says it feels good to help give a gentle push in the right direction.

“I have some kids that may start the year off doing that and as the year goes on, they don’t come in the office quite as much,” said Eisenzimmer. “Hopefully because of something that I’ve said or done to get them more comfortable with being at school.”

Jordan Eul is a first-year school nurse.

She has previous experience in the education field and says she loves being a nurse.

“It wasn’t until I got into it that I really got to see the full aspect of it and really gained some respect for what us nurses do,” said Eul.

Eul says this job is rewarding.

“These kids sometimes don’t get the love and support at home that they need and we are able to be there and listen to them, help them through some hardships,” said Eul. “We’re also able to help with health issues.”

She says it’s important for people to know that school nurses, like many other people, are experiencing COVID fatigue.

“We are trying to get through it and we are here to help you guys if you guys ever have any questions or concerns,” said Eul. “If you’re parents, just let us know and we’re happy to help.”

Still, their number one priority is the students.

As part of KX Gives Back, Reporter Lauren Davis and Chief Meteorologist Tom Schrader treated the nurses to lunch to thank them for what they do.

All of the nurses they spoke to say they enjoy the job and being able to make an impact on the children in their schools.

And, from all of us here at KX News, thank you for all you do.