KX Gives Back: Washburn high school students spend their time volunteering for local ambulance service

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A group of Washburn high school students are helping out their community in a huge way.

KX met with the volunteers who are helping save lives in their spare time.

Six students are volunteering any time they possibly can to the Washburn Ambulance Service helping out the squad as attendants.

“Usually an attendant sits in the back of the rig, helps the EMTs, grabs what they need, you know writes down notes and everything, or they can sit up front with the driver and listen on the headset. Take notes, see if we need to talk to the people in the back if they need anything,” explained Emily Westrick, one of the attendants.

Serving for the Washburn Ambulance Service has become a family tradition for these volunteers.

“I mostly joined because my mom has been on the squad for many years and I always came with her to meetings and I thought it was so cool. So I figured when I turned 16, I wanted to join and that’s what I did,” shared Westrick.

“I joined mostly because my sister is also on the squad and she comes home from the runs and she’s always so excited when she comes home. And I just thought, I want to be able to do that,” shared Molly Jennings, the newest member to join the team.

“When I was younger my dad was an EMT and driver for our ambulance squad. So I already– I always looked up to him and wanted to join. But four years ago my brother got into a car accident along Highway 83 and after seeing our ambulance squad work and they were so organized, got him into the ambulance and took him to Bismarck and cared for him on the way, it just inspired me. I wanted to part of the squad,” shared Brookelynn Dahme, one of the attendants.

For around 20 years now, local students have been able to join the team at 16.

Each member says every run brings a new experience may it be a car accident, stroke or heart attack. But some are harder than others.

“I mean some of the runs that I’ve gone on, you have to make quick decisions and you also have to be prepared and always be listening to the people around you,” shared Madelyn Jennings, one of the attendants.

“Last summer I was on two car accidents. And the first car accident I questioned whether or not I wanted to be a part of the squad anymore. It was really serious. The person was bleeding significantly from their head and I was the person putting pressure on their head,” shared Dahme.

Each volunteer says this experience has led them to want to continue a future career in the medical field, whether it’s as a registered nurse, a combat medic or an anesthesiologist, their main goal is just to help others.

All the volunteers say they keep their pager on at all times so they can run out the door whenever a call comes in.

The group of volunteer attendants were also our KX Gives Back recipient for the month of April.

Reporter Nikiya Carrero and Videographer Lane Henkins brought the young ladies pizza from a local restaurant.

They spent the time talking with them about how they balance serving the community and life as a high schooler.

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