The Heritage Center grounds in Ashley will soon be buzzing with people — including the KX News Team — Friday night for our second KX Summer Road Trip! We stopped out there to find out more about the site.

While the town of Ashley, North Dakota, is small in size, it’s certainly full of history. A train depot, an old barbershop, a church and a schoolhouse all now rest at the Heritage Center grounds.

While the grounds will be open for the Sizzling Summer Days event this weekend, many of the buildings will be closed for renovations.

“We wanted everything to be done this year. Of course, with COVID, that kind of slowed things down.
We’ve in fact, not really had any sort of meetings for the better part of a year,” said Joshua Schock, acting president of McIntosh County Historical Society.

Schock tells us he still expects a good turnout.

“People look forward to it and I think, especially with everything that’s been going on the last year, people want to get out, be with friends. It’s a nice time for us to open up the museum and let people come in and view the items, ask questions,” said Schock.

We also caught up with Delores Schneider who volunteers at the Ashley Heritage Museum. She says she hopes to get more people involved.

“A lot of the folks that were interested that lived here, they’re elderly or they can’t work anymore or else they’re in a nursing home or they moved away. So, we do need young people that can take charge,” said Schneider.

Schneider says you might be surprised at what you can learn at the museum.

“It’s mindboggling. You just sometimes, you can’t even believe it. And all the hard work and heartaches they had coming to this country. I think sometimes we forget about all that,” said Schneider.

The funny thing about history is that it keeps happening.

“I think a lot of people look at a Heritage Center, a museum, as places that have antiques. In a way, yes. But I think we’ll always keep adding things, whether it be something new or something old,” said Schock.

Schock says the renovations should be finished by next spring and they are always looking for more volunteers.