With the week’s KX Summer Road Trip to Mandan, the city has been preparing for all the events going on this weekend, like the Art in the Park festival.

We went behind the scenes to see how the community is coming together to get their city ready.

While last year it was downsized due to COVID, this year they are back to taking over Main Street.

“All of the art vendors, everything is hand-made, their own personal craft. Anything you’re looking for you could find at the Art in the Park. Any kind of food cravings you’re having, we have tons of food vendors that are providing tons of different types of food, tons of beverages,” explained Amanda Enriquez, chairperson for the Art in the Park festival.

This year, the community festival has moved down from Dykshoorn Park to Heritage as construction continues on the library — but finding an alternative to this festival is important, says the chairperson.

“I’m fairly new to the committee and the MPO organization, but even from when I can remember as being younger this was a huge staple for the Fourth of July weekend. So I think, well I hope, the community is excited for us to be back. It’s a little different with all the construction, but the community comes together, we support local. I think it’s going to be a great turnout,” explained Enriquez.

The Mandan Progress Organization is not the only ones preparing for the busy weekend.

The Mandan Public Works Department says countless hours go into the week leading up to the events.

“Preparing the rodeo, working with the park district, prepare the rodeo grounds, move dirt, help set up panels, coming in the middle of the night, painting lines so the lines look nice and fresh in the streets for parking, coming in the middle of night sweeping the streets,” explained Mitch Bitz, the Director of Public Works for the City of Mandan.

Bitz says this weekend will be a team effort across multiple departments.

“The Emergency Services obviously staff up with extra personnel, police and fire. And then public works we have people on stand-by, on-call in case. Couple years ago a storm comes through in the middle of the night and that’s when our staff go to work to try and put things back together and get things ready so at 8 o’clock in the morning when the general public shows up, they don’t even know anything happened,” explained Bitz.

Once the rodeo leaves town and the parade has marched on, it’s then time for the cleanup effort to begin.

But with no fireworks this year, the clean up process will not take as long for the city.

With construction going on around the city and more people, city staff is asking for everyone to be patient with traffic.