BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET)– Earlier this year, legislators voted down five different gun bills. But one proposal will consider allowing people to conceal carry inside the state capitol. On Tuesday, November 7th, lawmakers once again spent the day at the capitol discussing gun laws — particularly the controversial House Bill 1341.

In addition to talking about the bills at hand, State lawmakers also discussed the impacts of the Bruen Case in New York, which protects citizens’ right to carry a gun in public for self-defense. The ruling also bans guns from being brought to sensitive areas, such as schools and courthouses. But when talking about sensitive places, Special Agent Casey Miller with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation says that the ban may have to include bars as well.

“When you start introducing alcohol into the equation,” Miller explains, ” judgment and decisions can quickly be made — and sometimes, they’re the wrong ones. What law enforcement is used to — verbal arguments, physical altercations, maybe a knife gets introduced to a fight — all that gets bypassed if someone’s carrying a firearm. Why wouldn’t that individual pull out their firearm? That is the ultimate version of ‘I now have the power.'”

The judiciary committee can meet two more times to discuss House Bill 1341 before the next legislative session– but due to its difficulty, they may ask for one additional meeting. The next gathering and discussion will likely happen in March of 2025.