Gov. Doug Burgum is dishing out nearly $1 million of his own dollars this election year to a Political Action Committee that is targeting the further-right faction of the Republican Party known as the Bastiat Caucus.

Thursday night, members of the Bastiat Caucus held a press conference questioning the ethics and legality of the governor’s unprecedented spending in state elections.

In 2020, Burgum formed the Dakota Leadership PAC and staffed it with people who formerly worked in his office.

Since 2020, Burgum has put more than $4 million of his own money into the Dakota Leadership PAC to successfully unseat legislators who were not loyal to him.

Rep. Jeff Magrum is one of the candidates who claims he is being targeted by the Dakota Leadership PAC.

He argues that the governor’s effort to influence elections is damaging the Republican party and is diminishing local grassroots efforts.

“Are we not a government of the people by the people, and for the people anymore? You have the power, you’ve got the power, he doesn’t have it. The people have the power and we can show him that we do not support him by not supporting his candidates this election,” said Magrum.

The Governor’s Office provided KX documentation showing that the Secretary of State allows for the use of money to support or oppose an individual’s bid for election as a form of free speech.