On April 16, Lillyanna Morales dove off a water slide at the indoor pool at the Ramkota Hotel.

The pool was too shallow, and Lillyanna collided with the hard floor.

She was then sent to three different hospitals for emergency care, finally ending up in the Minneapolis Hospital.

“She was taken to Bismarck,” said Saunda Cheek, the fundraiser for Lillyanna’s Fight, “where she was only there maybe an hour. They did the scan and saw for damage to the vertebrae. And then they airlifted her to Fargo. And then she stayed in Fargo on a ventilator. She spent, I think, two weeks so far in Fargo, and she was just airlifted to Minneapolis to the rehab facility this week.”

According to Saunda, Lillyanna now has regained movement in her left side, but the probability of her regaining her ability to walk is low.

After an emergency landing, mother Stephanie found she wasn’t permitted to even board the medical helicopter with her daughter.

Saunda was given permission by the family to start campaigning for Lillyanna in North Dakota — starting with a silent auction this weekend at Wachter Middle School on Saturday from 3-8 PM.

She hopes to raise both awareness of Lillyanna’s condition and funds for her future treatment.

“I’m just trying to do anything I can do to help them,” explained Cheek. “I know finances aren’t even in their thoughts right now, they’re not even thinking about that. After enduring all this pain, they should be able to try and focus on getting their child better.”

Although she cannot move her entire body, Lillyanna hasn’t let this diminish her spirits: according to Saunda, she’s been staying positive even through her time in the hospital, and hoping things will be better soon.

It’s still a long road to recovery, but the community is here to help.

A GoFundMe was also started for Lillyanna, with a goal of $75,000.