With recent snowfall, many residents have been struggling with snow blocking driveways. That’s when North Dakota nice comes into play, with neighbors helping neighbors. One local man is one of those individuals getting the job done, with a little extra help.

Matthew Rudel was born and raised in North Dakota so this cold is nothing new. Since the heavy snowfall across the state this month, he’s been doing his part in the community…. With a little help.

Matthew and 12 year old daughter Jazzlynn Rudel go out and clean off driveways and sidewalks for
residents in the community. Many residents have complained about snow being plowed into the end of their driveways. As a result, Matthew has started to offer his services

Jazzlynn explained why she enjoys helping dad out, “Well the fun thing is he adopted me so I never had a really kind dad before so I always wanted to try doing this with a real dad because my old dads never did this with me..so it’s kind of special for me”

Matthew said his biggest job this year was right in Bismarck. “There was one in north Bismarck where there was a 2 foot bank from the snow plow. It’s not that it’s big, it’s that it’s solid so my daughter usually chunks it up and I go through it with the snow blower.”

In the state of North Dakota, it’s illegal to blow or shovel snow into the street but wherever there is snow and snowplows residents have been struggling with the snow that ends up blocking their driveway.

The process of clearing these sometimes 6 foot piles of snow is not easy, and sometimes a shovel just wont do the job. Matthew said “I’ve spent 6-8 hours doing this. I just started on this one but it takes about an hour on a regular driveway with two stall garage and sidewalks.”

The two use several different pieces of equipment because a snowblower can only handle so much. “It just runs it through and fills up with snow then throws it out on the side. And I got my daughter with a shovel, she does the same thing with no gas.”

But this hard task is a fun bonding experience for this team. Jazzlynn said they’re just here to help, “The reason we’re out here is because some people may not have the equipment, don’t have enough money……..We can come out here and help them if they need help.”