MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A technology company has been awarded more than $75M to support U.S. Air Force global strike commands.

The Minot Air Force Base is one of only three bases in the nation that will now partner with Persistent Systems to receive the latest technology, which will support our nuclear deterrence. Persistent Systems provides a communication system that supplies voice, video, chat, sensor, and GPS capabilities between airmen over a 25,000-square-mile radius.

Currently, for example, a security forces team can patrol tens of thousands of miles in the field — but they often lose contact with headquarters staff in the process. But now, with these new technological mobile capabilities, officials say teams can now be in constant contact, from following the movements in a precise location to sharing critical tactical mission data in real-time.

“The vision is that there will be a full continuous coverage throughout the missile field for that situational awareness,” said Persistent Systems’ Program Director Douglas Brown. “So that literally, if the talk wants to pull in a video feed from one of the LFs that are 50 miles away, they’ve got that continuity all the way back.”

Persistent Systems staff moved into its Minot Facility on Wednesday, and leaders say they are bringing locals on board. They are 75% staffed right now, and plan to hire more local neighbors, veterans, and Air Force Base spouses.