One Dickinson boy got to live out his dream through the Make-A-Wish foundation of having his own badge.

We met the 7-year-old who got to put on the blue uniform.

Cooper Craig has been battling leukemia since last year, and today his wish to be a Dickinson police officer was granted.

“The year that he’s had and the things he’s missed out on and the medicine and the treatment and how nauseous he’s felt, it is so cool to have a day about him. And I am so appreciative of all the work that went into it,” shared Jenna Craig, Cooper’s mom.

She says it’s always been a passion of his to become an officer every time he hears the sirens he wants to go check out the scene.

With his family beside him, he starts his day as an officer with a tour of the department and receiving his own uniform.

“He could’ve did anything he wanted in the United States. He could go to Disneyland, that’s what I would’ve picked, but he wanted to be a police officer. So it’s kind of special to all of us that he wants to do what we do. And it shows us how important we are in the community,” explained Sgt. Brandon Stockie.

Then the moment he’s been waiting for.

He was sworn in surrounded by Dickinson police, Stark County sheriff deputies and city officials.

“It gives them a lot of hope and strength to battle these cancers and these different diseases they have,” shared Kelly Braun, a Make-A-Wish volunteer.

“It is so cool to see him just in his element today enjoying the day. All about him. It’s the greatest,” said Jenna.

Then his day was filled with training and hands-on experience, learning how to use handcuffs, tactical training and even getting to pull over a special guest.

“He’s going to do a traffic stop on his teacher. He doesn’t know this yet,” explained Stockie.

Officer Cooper has had an up and down journey but mom says the next step is maintenance for two and half years.

Officer Cooper also learned how to stop a bank robbery.

He got to hang out with the K-9 and received awards for his service to the community.