For the majority of us, getting a COVID-19 vaccine is simple. You register, go to wherever it is you need to go, roll up your sleeve, wait 15 minutes and then head on home. Getting that vaccine ready for you, however, is, as they say, another story.

Angie Seidel is the Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health health service coordinator. When KX News spoke with her, she was getting ready to take Moderna booster shots to the booster shot clinic at the Bismarck Civic Center. Seidel, like a lot of other nurses, became a nurse for one simple reason.

“I just wanted to help people,” Seidel said.

Shyla Suchy is a registered nurse, working for Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health. She too said she became I nurse “so, I can help people.”

Seidel said the pandemic has been like an amusement park ride, but not in a good way.

“It has been a rollercoaster ride is the best way to describe it. There’s [sic] so many ups and downs. Which way are you going? What turn is it going to take? It calmed down and then all of a sudden came back with a roar,” Seidel said.

Seidel also said what’s in the refrigerators at Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health (vaccines) will help silence any future roars, but it takes careful planning and patience to make sure these vaccines go into arms.

“If the Moderna vial is in the fridge, it just has to sit out for 15 minutes, prior to being vaccinated. If we have to pull it out of the freezer, it is three hours,” Seidel said.

On top of thawing time, depending on how many people are getting their vaccine, planning for a Civic Center-sized clinic can take weeks to prepare for. Then, of course, the vaccines need to get where they need to go safely. Once they’re where they need to be and stations are set up, it’s just a matter of waiting.

Suchy, like Seidel, said working in the healthcare industry during this pandemic has been chaotic, but it’s also “been rewarding because we’re finally seeing some good results,” Suchy said.

Brad and Sonja King are part of those good results. They’ve had COVID shots before, but this time, Brad needed a gentle reminder. Brad was also hoping there’d be more to it.

And while it may have not been all fun desired, the Kings said their experience getting vaccinated, including the waiting time, was well worth it.

“You come in, you get [the] shot, you go over there, you wait and you go home. It’s just easy,” Sonja said.

As for those working on the frontlines to make it happen, “Oh the nurses are awesome,” King said.

Those awesome nurses, doctors and other medical professionals continue working to keep us healthy.

All they ask of us is a little kindness and patience, remembering there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure we have a good shot at ending the pandemic.

We thank Shyla, Angie and all healthcare workers for all they do.