The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s largest technology event and is underway in Las Vegas right now.

Typically, around 180,000 people attend the event, including 10,000 media personnel.

One of those people is Marlo Anderson of Mandan, a local business owner, and KX News’ unofficial tech-guru. But at CES, he’s been a media correspondent for 20 years.

Anderson conducts nearly 40 interviews a day with TV and radio stations across the country, filling them in on the latest technology and how it all works.

He tells KX News there are an estimated 2,000,000 products at CES each year.

Some of the things he’s seen include flying cars, technology that makes plant-based proteins, robotic prosthetics and advancements in facial recognition.

“They can look at your face, they were talking as if it’d be like a 20-second video, and they can tell if you have high blood pressure, if you have glucose issues or if you have respiratory issues going on. And they’re thinking that as they move forward with this technology, there will be a lot more that they can tell about a person simply by looking at your face,” Anderson explained.

Years ago, the technology at CES consisted of things we see often now, like vehicle backup cameras or lane-keep assistance technology.

While the products at the event have evolved quite a bit, Anderson says the goal remains the same.

“It is the entrepreneurial dream that’s going on here but they need help, they need a way to get from the development of their product or an idea to distribution or what have you.”

CES began Wednesday and will conclude Saturday.