This weekend’s McQuade’s Charity Softball Tournament is back in the Capital City.

Over 400 teams come from all over the country to the Bismarck community to play in the country’s largest charity softball tournament.

But this time last year, that was all put on hold due to the pandemic.

“The visitors that will come here for it will spend about $2 million while they’re here in our community, so it really has a significant impact. It was kind of devastating to not have it here last year and I think everyone is even more excited about having it here this year,” explained Sheri Grossman, the CEO of the Bismarck-Mandan CVB.

Grossman says everyone profits, from the visitors to restaurants to gas stations and grocery stores.

She also says the economic impact is felt for months.

“While they’re here spending this money, so many people are employed throughout the weekend serving these people and then that in return gives them money to spend on other things so that all the businesses benefit from the impact eventually,” explained Grossman.

With around 3,500 hotel rooms throughout the area, the CVB has also worked with the tournament to block out hotels for people who are here for the tournament.

Hotels like the Holiday Inn in north Bismarck are completely booked.

“It’s packed our hotel. We have 111 rooms all packed up for this tournament. We obviously have different parties in house but majority of the city is feeling it, as far as McQuade’s coming to town,” explained Lukus Gemtrud, the Director of Sales for the Holiday Inn of Bismarck.

With almost every room in town filled, they say a year ago it was very different scene.

“It was a ghost town. This parking lot had zero cars in the lot. Everybody was feeling the effects of COVID, nobody was traveling. Nobody was moving. So it’s nice to see this year that our parking lot is packed. Everybody is in full swing. Everything is moving forward and all the travelers are back,” explained Gemtrud.

The CVB says at every hotel they put up a saving pass to help visitors explore the Bis-Man area.

McQuade’s Charity Softball Tournament donated a record amount in 2019 and organizers are excited for what’s in store this weekend.