MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Candidates running for Minot mayor attended a forum Thursday night where they answered questions on local issues and their potential solutions.

Miranda Schuler, Tom Ross and Shaun Simpa are all in the running. With Election Day set for Tuesday, June 14, we learned a little more about each candidate and where they stand on key campaign issues.

Miranda Schuler

Schuler has lived in Minot for 16 years and has served on the city council and the Minot school board.

She says she believes economic development is imperative to Minot’s long-term goals and overall tax stabilization.

If elected, she says she could improve transparency, increase citizen engagement and focus on a collaborative effort to reach goals within the community.

“My personal strengths follow inherent thinking and problem-solving. I’m more of an empowerer. I tend to follow more of a meta-leadership style. I’d like to continue to serve my community in this fashion. I enjoy public service, and I’d like to continue to serve in this manner,” said Schuler.

Tom Ross

Ross has been a Minot resident for 54 years and is the executive director at Elison Assisted Living.

Ross says he would provide access to all residents who want to be a part of city government.

He believes, as mayor, he would be more aggressive when it comes to economic development and wants to let potential investors know Minot is a business-friendly area.

Tom Ross/Minot Mayoral Candidate) “I know this community and I know the best parts of this community. My dad helped build the skyline of this community. I’m very proud to be born and raised in Minot. You will find nobody who will work harder, who has more service and more pride in this community than myself,” said Ross.

Shaun Sipma

As the current mayor, Sipma has lived in Minot for 25 years and is vying for his second term.

Sipma says he will continue to improve as mayor by collaborating with city, regional, state and federal partners, as well as Minot residents.

He, too, prioritizes economic development, saying it has to be approached similarly to other North Dakota communities but also recognizes the difficulty that comes because of geographic location.

“Spending a lot of time down at the legislature, spending a lot of time talking with our different law makes, not only locally, nationally, or at the national level. Whether it’s Minot Air Force Base or even flood control, I’ve put in the work. And I’ve got the tools to do it. But I’ve been very productive in all levels in bringing back and accomplishing all of those goals that I set out in 2018,” said Sipma.