A North Dakota Tribal leader will once again be sitting on an Environmental Protection Agency committee.

The chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, Mark Fox, has been reappointed to the local government advisory committee.

He tells KX News that it’s important for local input from North Dakota leaders because of the continuing energy development happening in our state.

He says being one of the few tribal leaders on the committee is important for him in order to explain how Tribal nations operate.

“As we develop our energy, we are very cognizant of our environment and protecting our environment because when this is all said and done, when oil and gas, for example, when that’s said and done, years and years and decades from now, we’re still going to be living here,” said Chairman Fox.

Dave Glatt, with the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, was also appointed but to the LGAC’s Small Communities Advisory Subcommittee.