Each dance tells a story.

Dancers from the Fort Berthold Reservation are showcasing their history at the North Dakota State Fair.

Many of these dancers have been dancing since they learned to walk.

They’re showcasing Pow Wow dances like the grass dance, the eagle dance, butterfly and more. Each one displays a piece of their culture that dates back to the very beginning of their people.

“These are sacred, you shouldn’t be taking these as a joke. Respect the dances, respect the dancers, respect the regalia and all the things like that. All in all, just be respectful and thankful that these are still here,” said MHA dancer Roy Morsette.

“Come in and experience our culture, come in to take it in because as the Indigenous people of this land, the first people of this land where we come from, this is our territories and to come in and be educated is just as important as everything else out there,” said MHA dancer Justus Cree.

There’s one more day to watch the MHA dancers, with two opportunities.

They will perform Wednesday at 2:30 and once more at 5:30.