The arts industry in Minot has grown tremendously over the years and it continues to attract tourism to the area.

Now, local artists throughout the state have the opportunity to further their cultural experience in their own area.

Members of the arts community can apply for funding to grow their artistry and creative placemaking.

For example, the Minot Area Council of the Arts received about $250,000 to support artists and non-profit art organizations.

The funds are sourced from America Rescue Plan Act through the National Endowment for the Arts.

“Those grants will be specifically for reimbursable expenses related to operations and that will include salaries, rent, utilities, things of that nature. Unlike the organizations, individuals cannot use it for rent, studio space, and things of that nature but for actual creation and implementation of a specific project that they’re going to be working on and completing within the grant period, ” said Executive Director Justin Anderson.

Anderson said the arts have a positive impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

“It’s something that not everybody recognizes the importance of. You can have all the best roads that you could possibly want but there’s nobody that’s gonna say I’m moving here or staying here because the roads are so great. People go places where they feel a sense of community where they have the activities and access to culture that gives them the importance of wanting to be there and the arts are a huge component of that,” he said.

Details on how to apply for the funds will be made available in the coming weeks.