Minot officials are taking steps toward bringing the city its first curbside pickup recycling program.

Tuesday, the council approved bids and specs for a curbside transfer facility.

The facility will act as the main location where recycled curbside pick-up from homes will be sent.

From the facility, the recycled material will be sold on the secondary market.

Public Information Officer Derek Hackett says bids to build a recycling facility are roughly $5 million.

He says that the bid is higher than what the city is wanting to pay, but getting this facility built is an important piece to getting curbside pickup started.

“We’ve got to get bids we’re comfortable with construction of the transfer facility. We can’t do any kind of collection without that transfer facility otherwise we’d just be sending it to our landfill. So, we need that transfer facility,” Hackett said.

Hackett says it’s planned that the facility will be built at the Minot landfill and there is no timeline as to when the city will move forward with a bid.